About Hiza Yoo

Since I was 4 years old in Korea, studied Korean traditional dances with Mrs. Baeck Bong Kim and Mrs. Soon Sung Kim who are nationally renowned Korean dance instructors and with intangible human cultural assets such as Mrs. Sun Young Kang and Mr. Mae Bang Lee. To preserve the Korean heritage by teaching traditional Korean music and dance.  In addition, I created innovative and modern movements and styles to appeal to a diverse audience living in the 21st century. Ever since I came to U.S.A.in 1972, Our group performed more than 350 times at various places such as Air Forces also for Korean War Veterans.  Received more than 40 certificates of appreciation from the various organizations including Obama President Volunteer Service Award, L.A. City, Councilman Mitchell Englander, LACMA, Pacific Asia Museum, Korean Cultural Center, L.A Zoo, Disneyland, Kennedy Center, Libraries, Korean Festival, Adult Care Center, Northridge Festival, Veteran’s Hospital, CSUN, UC San Diego, etc. . You may visit my web site: www.hizakordance.com.  Go to Youtube and check under Hiza Yoo, you can watch some of our performances. I am currently the director of Hiza Yoo Korean Dance Institute (f.1999) and Chum Mani troupe.


1999 – Present, Director, Yoo’s Korean Music & Dance Institute
2017 — Received Appreciation Plaque from Seoul Nat’l Univ.,
              Alumni Assoc. in So Cal
              (서울 대학교 남가주 총 동창회로 부터 감사패 받음)
2016 — Received Pioneer Award from Korean Federation of L.A.
              and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
              L.A.한인회와 예수 그리스도 후기 성도 교회가 주최하고 한국일보가
             후원한 개척자상 수상
2016 — In the Central Health Commercial,
              l Played the Gayageum
              (Aired on KBS & SBS TV-광고에 출연하여 가야금 연주)
2016 — Lynden Kim & Chae Yeon Lee performed Samgomoo and
              Modeumbuk  for ” Two Bellmen Three” filmed by
              Marriott Hotel
             (문하생인 린든김과 이채연양이 단편 영화에 출연)
2014 – Had the Concert at LA Korean Cultural Center
2013 – Had the first Concert at CSUN Plaza Del Sol
2012 – Present, Taught Samulnori at Porter Ranch
              Community School (125 students ) through R.O. K. program.
              The Rhythms of Korea program is a collaboration between
              select LAUSD schools, Beyond the Bell Branch and the
              Korean Cultural Center L.A.
2012 – Designated as a Certifying Organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award
2011 – Release the album of my own composition for the Gayageum:
             “Hi-Za Yoo Compositions for Gayageum” Give an instruction in Korean Music / Dance/ Drama
             & taught mask dance in english on Oct. 11th for world drama at California State Univ., at Northridge
2010 – Composer of play, Why Does Jasmine Turn Counter Clockwise and Prodigal Daughter
              presented at the Korean Cultural Center LA to celebrate 30th Anniversary.
2000 – 2007 Teacher, Korean Institute of Southern Calif. Granada Hills (Samulnori)
2004 – Won the Maddy Award for extreme excellence in choreography for
               the production of “When Tigers Smoked Long Pipes”.
2003 –  In Making Music, a textbook used throughout America, I am listed as the musician
               who is fluent in both Korean traditional music and European Classical music.
2001 –  Selected as an outstanding teacher from NFAA
2000 – Composed the theme music to Shim Chong Chon play which was performed at CSUN
              (Feb 27- Mar 5) and at Kennedy Center in Washington C.D. (June 1).
              Played theme music on the Gayageum and several percussion instruments live.
1999 – Teacher, L.A. Northridge Korean School – Granada Hills Instructor, OASIS – May/Robinson’s
1998 – Currently, Coordinator, World Rhythms, a performing folk dance & music troupe.
1998 – Present,  Member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.
1993-1994 Served as a commissioner for Asian Pacific American Education Commission
1982-1983 – Member of Pan Asian Chamber Orchestra directed by Mrs.Elisabeth Waldo,
              currently director of Multi-Cultural Music & Art Foundation of Northridge.
              Performed at several L.A. Public Schools as musician & dancer. Library Clerical assistant.
1978-1979  – Musician, Korean Ethnic Heritage Group.
1972-1979  – Musician and Dancer, Korean Classical Music Institute, performed at various places.
1972 – Selected as a Gayageum Soloist for Seoul National University Orchestra.
1970 – Present, Provide private music instruction in Gayageum & Janggo
1963 – Performed as dancer in Japan for two months as a member of Korean Cultural Commission
              sponsored by Korean government. Since 1953 Studied Korean traditional dances with
             Mrs.Soon Sung Kim, SunYoung Kang and Mr. Mae Bang Lee who is a nationally
             renowned dance instructor and performer.


1975 – 1977 — California State University, Northridge.  Major courses of study in Music Composition and received MA degree.
1972 – 1975 — California State University at Northridge.  Took undergraduate Courses majoring in Music. Santa Monica City College.
1968-1972 – Seoul National University at Seoul, Korea.  Received Bachelor’s degree in Music.  Majoring in Gayageum which is a Korean string instrument.
1962-1968 – Gyunggi Girls High School and Gyunggi Girls Middle School